Urban Habitat Award Finalist: International Towers, Sydney

An Anchor of Urban Regeneration

International Towers Sydney is the anchor piece of Barangaroo South, one of the most significant waterfront regenerations globally; weaving it organically into the existing CBD’s rich fabric and community. It welcomes workers with enjoyable experiences around the precinct. The lobbies of the towers are transparent and inviting; open to visitors, they run through all the buildings as a continuation of the streets of Barangaroo South. This adds a new dimension to Sydney’s outdoor culture and gives them human scale and impact at ground level.

The streets are fully pedestrianized; cars access the single basement at two points. This enables an unbroken active street front, encouraging people into ground-floor retail elements and humanizing the towers’ scale at ground level. The building addresses the waterfront, bringing a critical mass of activity, in what is very much a city-center place. It has enabled the creation of a new public space in an area where public space is at a premium.

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