Best Tall Building Americas – Award of Excellence: 35XV, New York City

Joel Breitkopf
Alchemy Properties, New York City

Daniel Kaplan
Senior Partner
FXCollaborative, New York City

Vertical Integration: An Educational/Residential Community Rises

Rising 102 meters above a mid-block site, 35XV is a unique, hybrid residential-academic building located in Manhattan’s vibrant Chelsea neighborhood. Utilizing excess development rights from the historic Xavier High School, the building’s design artfully resolves a host of requirements, including the provision of needed expansion space for Xavier and the creation of highly crafted residential units that take advantage of their elevated location. The design further conforms to highly restrictive municipal bulk controls and is a “good neighbor” by relating to both the Xavier Campus and the surrounding streetscape, despite the project’s overall size.

As a result of an air-rights agreement with Xavier High School, 35XV employs a complex hybrid structure that allows for expansive, column-free spaces in the school’s portion of the building while the new condominiums cantilever 36 feet over Xavier’s property – a trendsetting example in the recent proliferation of cantilevered mixed-use buildings in Manhattan.

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