Best Tall Building Asia & Australasia – Award of Excellence: Huangshan Mountain Village, Huangshan

Jun Chen
Executive Director, Chairman & CEO
Greenland Group, Hong Kong

Noreen Wu
Business Development and Operations Manager
MAD Architects, Santa Monica

Living in the Landscape

Huangshan in eastern China is an area known for its rich, verdant scenery and distinct granite peaks. Considering the cultural and environmental significance of the area, the design devolves a typical high-rise typology into 10 smaller buildings. Diverse in height and appearance, they have all been composed in deference to the local topography, whereby the contour lines of the landscape continue into the shape of each volume, so they appear to be growing out of the mountainous terrain.

Each residential unit is a quiet retreat, boasting generous balconies whose organic lines seem to have been sculpted by wind and water, with no two the same. These extend the interior to the exterior, providing plenty of outdoor space and access to one of China’s most famous landscapes. Communal amenities and walking paths encourage residents to wander among the buildings, with the unique floors of each building accessed from these shared social spaces, creating a seamless balance between shared social spaces.

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