Best Tall Building Asia & Australasia – Award of Excellence: Tencent Seafront Towers, Shenzhen

Jiang Ling
Senior Architect
Tencent Technology, Shenzhen

Jonathan Ward
Design Partner
NBBJ, Los Angeles

Linked-Up Thinking Drives the Design of a Tech Company’s Headquarters

The Tencent Seafront Towers were constructed in a special zone of Shenzhen, the Software Industry Base. The project represents a new vision of the workplace, one that is more interconnected and flexible than hierarchical. The North and South towers are connected by three parts of joined floors, which fully embody the characteristics of the essential connection of the Internet era - the "Link." While manifesting Tencent’s powerful brand image as a communications and technology company to the world, this building also foretells the future that high-performance design will be a global benchmark in the design of high-rise enterprise headquarters buildings.

The emphasis of the design concept is to create a tower which is also a “Link.” These “Linked Towers” symbolically represent the links that connect each distant corner of the Internet, inasmuch as employees of Tencent are linked together through skybridges, more effectively than would be possible in a single, traditional high-rise building.

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