Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa Finalist: Beirut Terraces, Beirut

High-End, High-Rise Living, Extended

Beirut Terraces is a unique 25-floor, 110-meter waterfront residential tower, located in Beirut’s Central District, the most desirable residential area in Lebanon. Inspired by layers of history, Beirut Terraces is set to shape the city’s future by reviving the indoor/outdoor living experience through the introduction of a localized “vertical village” concept, with extended terraces.

The concept rests on the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living by extending interior tiling to exterior terraces set in a full-height glass envelope. Customized planters, extended perforated slabs, and green walls provide privacy, shade, and a unique character. Fine detailing, concerted orchestration of exquisite materials, and energy-conscious engineering all blend in this vertical green framework to shape a high-end, sustainable village.

Beirut Terraces offers simplexes, duplexes, and penthouses, each with a unique layout and size, making each apartment a limited luxury edition complemented with dedicated parking, generous storage room space, a private pool and gym area.

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