Urban Habitat Award – Award of Excellence: Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

Wanling Lee
Development Manager
Far East Organization, Singapore

Mun Summ Wong
Founding Director
WOHA Architects, Singapore

A Beacon of Red and Green, Connected to the Cityscape

Envisaged as a “tropical tower” in the concrete jungle, the Oasia Hotel Downtown incorporates lush greenery on its façade and terraces. The tower is like a giant tree - soft, layered, alive, breathing, shading – providing respite and relief to its occupants, neighbors and city: a true vertical urban habitat. Landscaping is used extensively as an architectural surface treatment and forms a major part of the development’s material palette, both internally and externally, achieving an overall Green Plot Ratio of over 1,000 percent. The building creates a biophilic effect, with passers-by often stopping to take in the green. The plants are also bringing biodiversity back into the city, attracting animals like squirrels and small lizards and insects like butterflies.

The project is located in Tanjong Pagar, bordering the Central Business District on one side and Chinatown on the other. The contrast of the old and modern Singapore is reflected in the design of the building: the color red is very auspicious in Chinese culture and the permeable façade lets the interior light shine through at night, giving the tower the look of an illuminated abstraction of a Chinese lantern.

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