Innovation Award – Award of Excellence: CAST CONNEX High Integrity Blocks

Carlos de Oliveira
President & CEO

Improving Steel Connections for Better Safety and Economy

The design of structural steel connections is one area where innovative manufacturing techniques can better facilitate the design and fabrication of heavily loaded connections in high-rise towers. CAST CONNEX High Integrity Blocks are specially manufactured solid steel elements which simplify the design and fabrication of – and provide unparalleled strength, quality, and reliability in – heavily-loaded steel connections. As a result of intensive research and development, paired with careful manufacturing control, CAST CONNEX is able to deliver ultra-heavy weldable steel sections (up to 1,219 millimeters square in cross section and up to 15 meters in length) which exhibit up to 448 MPa yield strength in all three directions of loading and through the full cross-section of the section.

The use of High Integrity Blocks in the fabrication of multi-axis nodal connections enables safer, higher quality connections that are simultaneously less costly and more compact, thus maximizing occupiable space. This improves the overall resilience and economy of high-rise towers and will enable taller, safer structures.

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