Innovation Award – Award of Excellence: Hummingbird - Tuned Liquid Column Gas Damper

Hans Utz
Cofounder & Partner
The Combine, New York City

A Lightweight Motion Control Device Takes Wing

The Hummingbird is a revolutionary tuned liquid column gas damper that uses a system of water pipes and independently tuned air springs to mitigate wind motion in tall buildings. Unlike traditional tuned liquid dampers, 100 percent of the water mass in the Hummingbird is active, which allows it to provide equivalent damping with a lighter and smaller footprint. Further, the Hummingbird’s modular design is highly flexible and configurable. This flexibility allows the Hummingbird to be distributed throughout a building and lends itself to retrofit opportunities for buildings requiring damping late in construction or even after construction is complete. The Hummingbird is easily re-tuned in hours instead of weeks, and it is built from basic parts that can be sourced globally. These innovations allow for a lightweight, compact, flexible, easily maintained and cost-effective wind damping solution for the future of tall building design and development.

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