10 Year Award Finalist: Bahrain World Trade Center, Manama

Using the Wind to Maximum Energy, and Iconic Advantage

The Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) integrates large-scale wind turbines into its design; and together with numerous energy reducing and recovery systems, this development shows an unequivocal commitment to raising global awareness for sustainable design. Over the past 10 years, the BWTC has shown that commercial developments can be created with a strong environmental agenda and address the needs of future generations. The BWTC encapsulates the essence of a sustainable philosophy engaging all social, economic and environmental impacts of the project. As well as making significant strides in environmentally balanced architecture, the building is now considered a source of national pride for Bahrain residents, and is credited with generating economic prosperity within the capital of Manama.

The revolutionary design of the BWTC has inspired the global tall building industry to continue to pursue the great potential of wind power at height, through subsequent turbine-equipped skyscrapers in China, the UK, and elsewhere. But none have made quite the visual impact of the BWTC, which places the turbines front and center.

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